Daybed Collection

Our Daybed Collection pulls together some great ideas. Starting with our unusually strong, solid frame and our range of handsome designs, we add the functionality of our bunk bed accessories including: Trundle Beds and Storage Drawers.

But then, being classically trained futon people, we draw on our deep futon roots to expand the whole concept of the Daybed: Add our Night & Daybed Extension out and voila: a full size bed at your service. For more details on the Night & Daybed™ see our video above, blurb below, or check out Daybed Accessories.

*US Patent Pending #11/878,831

Turn Your Daybed into a Night & Daybed™!

Night and Daybed logo

What do you get when you cross our Night and Day Furniture team with the Classic American Daybed?

That's easy!

The Fully Convertible, Storage Friendly, Cleverly Conceived NIGHT & DAYBED™.

  • Objective #1: Convertible from Sofa seating to Full-Size bed.
  • Objective #2: Able to use a conventional futon mattress.
  • Objective #3: Use Storage Drawers that double as platform extenders.
  • Objective #4: Keep it simple.

The NIGHT & DAYBED™: Roll out the Drawers. Slide down your mattress. Mattress back up; Drawers back in. Store your stuff in the space created. Makes sense to us.

Sofa Position
Sofa Position
Sleep Position
Sleep Position
Night & Daybed™ Extension
Night & Daybed™ Extension

Lots of Features

  • Our Daybed Collection models are all-wood (or all wood & rattan) construction, from the arms & back panel to the bed platform.
  • Our Daybeds come complete with 10 pcs of 1x4" mattress support slats. (Wood & rattan units come with 12 pcs 1x3" mattress support slats).
  • Our Rails-to-Arms assembly utilizes our sturdy, easy to assemble metal bracket. No bolts from the outside to spoil the outer surfaces!
  • We offer some very useful accessories with the Daybed Collection, including our Trundle Bed and Rolling Storage Drawers.
  • Our models are beautifully finished with automated and hand-rubbed techniques for a rich and durable finish.
  • We use solid plantation grown hardwood throughout the Daybed Collection as our primary construction material.
  • Clear, completely illustrated assembly instructions.
  • 10 year limited warranty (5 year for wood & rattan models).

Sizes Available

Twin. (Full-size mattress can be used with our optional Night & Daybed™.)

Other Accessories Available

Rolling Storage Drawers
Rolling Storage Drawers
Trundle Bed
Trundle Bed